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I am a social buttferfly <3 Theres nothing I love more than getting out there, tackling new challenges and meeting new characters! I have a passion for mixing vintage and modern fashion and use this in my blog but don't worry, my blog is not limited only to styles which suit me...I blog about anything that catches my eye, whether I can pull it off or not ;) As you can is a huge influence to me which is why I am now a Motel Street Teamer <3

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Welcome to my blog!

Heeey Guys! 

Welcome to my brand spanking new blog! 

After years and years of lusting after and rocking Motel Rocks clothing, I have finally been rewarded by being given the chance to be a  Motel Street Teamer...woohoo! Being a Street Teamer not only allows me to share with my followers the latest arrivals and trends at but it ALSO allows me to give my followers 20% off their purchases!!! Yes, you did read that correctly...20% off! All you need to do to receive the discount is enter the code: xkeanox at the checkout on  

The purpose of my blog is to bring you anything and everything related to Motel Rocks clothing.  I will suggest styling ideas, update you on current prints and arrivals and keep you updated on my personal wish list <3 I hope you all enjoy...

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